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Sweet Potato Masala Fry ( Healthy Cooking )

Hello My Super Babies , today I will be sharing a super easy recipe which is not only delicious but healthy too. I have included sweet potatoes which has loads of benefits for the health instead of potatoes. This dish can be had as an evening snack or for dinner also.


500 gms of Sweet Potatoes ( cut into small pieces and cook it separately ) - Then fry it in little bit of oil or put it in the air fr 1 tbsp Pure Coconut Oil / O

January 08 2017

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How to cook Authentic Karnataka Bisi Bele Bath ( A Rice Based Dish )

Hello My Super Babies, Today will be sharing a famous Karnataka rice based dish called as Bisi Bele Bath. My Jaya Aunty will be sharing the authentic way to make it super tasty. It can be made healthy if you lessen the oil :) Otherwise it's super succulent with lots of oil. It takes a little trouble to make it but it isn't a tedious job. Loads of healthy ingredients in it which makes it seriously delicious to have it by itself or with curd or a side dish. Cook it the way she has shown and ill

January 06 2017

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Authentic Kerala Red Fish Curry


Kodum Puli -( Wash it )  Half cup torn into pieces with hand and soaked in water for 30 mins. Fish | Pomfret / Any Fish- Half kg Coconut Oil for cooking - 1 cup

For Grinding

3 medium sized Onions or equal quantity of shallots. 15 pods of Garlic 3 inch piece ginger

Dry Masala

Chilli Powder -2 tbsp or more as per as your wish Kashmiri Chilly Powder - 2 tbsp Dh

September 07 2016

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