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Super WHITENING FRUIT FACIAL MASK / PACK to reduce Tan, Pigmentation & Acne Scars

This Super WHITENING FRUIT FACIAL MASK / PACK helps to reduce Tan, Pigmentation & Acne Scars if used religiously. Remember for home remedies to have long lasting effect one must use it continuously for best results. This actually purifies damaged skin. I believe in looking after my skin and hair beautifully. Not only externally but internally too because I openly believe that  “WHAT WE EAT AND DRINK SHOWS ON OUR SKIN , HAIR AND HEALTH “. This is the reality actually and what

May 26 2017

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The Best Oil to STOP HAIR FALL and PROMOTE HAIR GROWTH in 4 applications

Hello My Super Babies, as most of you know I had visited Japan recently and did quite a bit of handy shopping. I did invest in some really good products be it beauty or gadget. At the end of the blog you can check out my videos on Japan shopping and eating. Today I will be sharing a magical product which I had heard a lot before travelling to Japan and did buy it also when I was there. I did make a video then talking about it but hadn't used it enough to rave about it. [embed]https://youtu

January 05 2017

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Super Whitening Oats & Almond Facewash & Facepack to get rid of TAN Super Fast in Winters |

Hello My Super Babies , Today I will be sharing an amazing natural homemade face wash and face pack which will nourish your skin keeping it well moisturised , hydrated and healthy . It lightens tan , pigmentation , scars super fast if used religiously. The ingredients for todays remedy are very easily available in our kitchen.


1 tbsp Red Masoor Dal  

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