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The Best Hair Mask | Forest Essentials Intensive Hair Repair Masque |Japapatti & Brahmi | REVIEW

Haircare is very important to most of us including me because I play a lot with my hair by colouring it , using heat on it and so on.. Ofcourse WHAT WE EAT AND DRINK MATTERS  A LOT for our skin, hair & health. When it comes to our hair , when we eat and drink right it helps with healthy scalp and healthy new strong hair. But what happens to the hair which has already been damaged ? That has to be smoothened out , in order to make it soft and nourished. Though we can't expect complete treatme

May 29 2017

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This Face Mask is what I am loving currently which purifies damaged skin, REVERSES TAN and PIGMENTATION. I have dry skin and usually face masks makes my skin more dry,  so I was a little skeptical to use this but fortunately it suited me well and I am content. I believe in looking after my skin and hair beautifully. Not only externally but internally too because I openly believe that  "WHAT WE EAT AND DRINK SHOWS ON OUR SKIN , HAIR AND HEALTH ". This is the reality actually and

May 20 2017

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Golden Eyes Makeup Tutorial without Foundation

Hello My Super Babies ,Today's makeup look has a golden touch to it as I am wearing Ochre yellow top. So the colors I used on my face was going well with the top color and my hair color too. I even haven't used foundation for this makeup because concealer did the needy. I went heavy on the highlighter because who doesn't want glowy glowy skin.  

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